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Change Begins With Small Daily Wins!

You were created to win! If you are here, you are ready to take things to the next level. Whether that means pursuing your dreams, achieving your goals or using your unique gifts to change the world around's time to  re-write the story!

This is where I come in! I will empower you create a clear plan of action and provide accountability and support as you take consistent action steps towards your goals. 

If you want real results, and don't want the next 6 months to be a repeat, I'm here to help! The time to start is now!                 


Meet Tooka! 

I Am Tooka! 

T'knesha James - Transformational Speaker & Coach

What in the world is a Tooka? No worries, I can explain!

Tooka is a nickname given to me as a light-hearted play on my real name, T'knesha. What started as fun and games, quickly became a very accurate description of the person I am today.  In 2020, while the world was navigating a global pandemic, I was experiencing a MAJOR life transformation. 

There was a time when I was busy taking care of everything....EXCEPT ME! I made a decision that would change my life and linked up with a result-driven coach who showed me how to take control of my health. Today, not only am I down 80 pounds, free from several chronic illnesses and high blood pressure medication.....I feel better than I have in decades. 

I quickly began to realize the tools I needed to take control of my health applied to multiple areas of my life. Today, I empower ambitious women to thrive by guiding them to recognize their values and create actionable success plans through small, sustainable changes in habits.

Image by Felipe Correia

Transformation Begins Here 

What I Specialize In?

Self Awareness Mastery

Empowering Mindsets

Continuous Personal Growth

Inspiring Transformations

Leadership Development


Empower You! 


What Our Clients Have To Say:

When I met with T'knesha James, I thought I needed help with my business goals. I thought I was mentally stuck in a place of nonproductiveness. Through our time together, I learned that my whole life was stuck, not just my mind. And with patience and acceptance, she empowered me. She helped me develop doable habits with applicable tools and tips to address goals related to all aspects of my life. Her ability to address my specific roadblocks was a precious gift that has forever changed my life!! I still don’t have all the answers, but thanks to her coaching, I do have the tools!!

- Patrice Threadgill

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Find out how you can stop feeling frustrated and stuck and take your life to the next level! 

Let's Stay Connected

Don't miss exciting updates, exclusive offers, and valuable content!

 Welcome to the Squad! 


Desktop Workspace

Let's Stay Connected

Don't miss exciting updates, exclusive offers, and valuable content!

 Welcome to the Squad! 

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